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Rob and Connie Taylor – OMers Giving Back to OM

By Mark Anderson, National DPG

MA: How did you and Connie get involved with OM, and what is it that you do for OM?

R & C: In 1995, our church began supporting an OM missionary family. A few months later, the family invited us to visit OMUSA to see what our church was “investing in” so we could better explain OM to our church. We visited the U.S. office, and God let us know that this was where He wanted us to be. It was a real surprise to us. Rob quit his job at the university the next morning. This was unexpected, after nearly 25 years on campus! At the OM missionary orientation two months later, someone asked us, “How long did you fight the call to missions?” Our reply was, “We didn’t have call-waiting!” Connie served in the personnel department for several years, and then joined Rob in financial development. After nearly 17 years at OMUSA, we began working with OM Caribbean, where Rob serves as short-term mission coordinator

MA: What has most impressed you about the work of OM around the world?

R & C: OM is involved in reaching out in so many ways to so many people in so many countries. That really impresses us. OM meets people where they are, in order to reach them with the Gospel of Christ. It is a very practical ministry. We were both glad to find out that you don’t have to be a theologian or have a seminary degree to serve God in missions. OM needs people with willing hearts and open hands to serve here in the U.S. and around the globe.

MA: Why have you and Connie chosen to leave a bequest to OM in your will?

R & C: We believe that God gave us the lives and the funds that each of us have. We have invested our lives and funds in God’s work, especially while serving these last 18 years with OM. We are excited that we can continue to be a part of this ministry by leaving a bequest that can assist the ministry in turning more hearts to Christ in future years.

MA: On a personal note, I’ve known Rob and Connie for most of the 18 years they have been with OMUSA. I have been hugely blessed and inspired by their love of the people and work of OM and their genuine hearts of service.

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