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Bill and Jill Shedd – Using a Bequest to Fulfill a Calling

By Mark Anderson, National DPG

Bill and Jill Shedd have loved the work of OM for many years primarily because they trust the OMers that they have met along the way and believe in the projects OM is undertaking.

MA: When did you first get involved with OM?

Bill: Jill and I first met Rick and Kathy Hicks more than 30 years ago when they were in leadership positions at Forest Home Christian Camp. When they left Forest Home to join OM in the mid 90’s we stayed in touch with their work through mutual friends. Because we were so impressed with their ministry at Forest Home, we knew they would provide the same strong leadership at OM.

MA: Are there any particular OM projects that you and Jill have felt called to support over others?

Bill: Yes, and interestingly, the two projects that we’re most excited about contain the word “Freedom” to describe the Ministry; Freedom Climb and Freedom Wheels. Freedom Climb is all about freeing women and children from the bondage of exploitation. It’s a powerful and compelling ministry that encourages women around the world to raise money and awareness by climbing mountains. We love the symbolism between climbing mountains and the daily struggle that too many women and children face in their struggle with poverty and abuse. Similarly, Freedom Wheels seeks to free the disabled in third world countries from the stigma of being cursed or feeling worthless simply because of a physical disability. Again, it’s an obvious need that has broken our hearts and compelled us to support the good work that we have seen through the Bethesda ministry in Zambia and the sponsorship of disabled Zambians coming to a summer camp for the disabled here in the U.S.

MA: What prompted you and Jill to decide to amend your trust to include a bequest to OM from your estate?

Bill: Jill and I have been blessed financially to be a source of blessing to others. We have a set amount of money that we want to be sure goes to support the ministry of OM. What we don’t know is if we will live long enough to see that our financial commitment is met. What we do know is that we can trust the leaders of OM to carry out our wishes. It was an easy decision for us to leave a bequest to OM.

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